My coconut man – self taught and speaking out

coconutmanI want to share with you a short snippet of the life of a man that I visit weekly in search of the best coconuts Phnom Penh has to offer. For the sake of anonymity, we’ll call him Mr. Nara. Mr. Nara has a small coconut stand in front of his house on a street that is known as the coconut go-to of the city. Competing with probably more than 50 other coconut vendors, Mr. Nara spends his days from sunrise to long after sunset cutting open coconuts and selling them to thirsty passer-bys. He has a wife and a two year-old daughter who also take shifts to manage the stand – his wife has recently started making coconut jelly to sell as well. Continue reading

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Cambodians speak up for change in political stronghold

monkvotesAcross a small country in the heart of Southeast Asia, major political waves have come in like a storm before the typhoon. Though change hasn’t gushed in to the extent of a political overthrow, Cambodians across the nation voted towards something different and considerably radical in a place where memories of massive repression and horrific genocide linger on.

On Sunday, amidst some confrontation and spotted violence, vote tallying by the official TV network went through a slow and tedious process of counting commune by commune. Rumours spread like wildfire through texting and Twitter. Some saying the Prime Minister had fled, others proclaiming that a military coup was about to lock down the city as visible military convoys arrived across Phnom Penh in droves. Continue reading

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Universal politics and pre-election fun – it’s show time in Cambodia

cambodiaI am about to embark upon a topic that I hereby provide of disclaimer of my great ignorance and lack of knowledge. I have been in Cambodia just over two weeks and have been gathering small snipets of insights and opinions into the grand works of the political machine that leads this small but complex country. Continue reading

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