Mission Impossible Possible…
Getting a residence visa in Argentina (don’t even ask me about the one for Brazil!)

I can’t believe, I finally have the resident visa for Argentina. It has been a very VERY difficult process that really was starting to make me go insane. Having not lived in Canada for five prior years to coming here, I was supposed to be exempt from a criminal record check from there. Instead, I had the Japanese one done. However, after many visits and hard times at immigration, I was forced to provide those animals with the document which took over 7 months to get from Canada. What a mess! The RCMP really needs to find out why it is one of the world’s longest criminal check. I can get the same document for Argentina in 8 hours and from Japan within a month. In any case, after almost a year crossing borders in Uruguay to maintain legal status, I now can celebrate my residence. So I am finally leaving the country for a while knowing that I can come back and putting “most” of the paperwork behind me. I’ll be in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for the month of February celebrating carnival and studying Portuguese… Please don’t cry for me Argentina, because you certainly made me cry for you during the visa process!

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  1. It’s been a while since I’ve been using Xanga. Just saw this. Hehe. Congrats!!!!

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