Reunited Lovers

Last week I was separated from my dear beloved. It was on Thursday night, we were laying in bed together, sipping wine, chatting, watching some youtube videos and enjoying dinner. I should have known that he is sensitive and I must be careful about what I choose to eat and drink around him. As I got up from the bed, my wine slipped from my hand and splashed on his white outfit. I gasped in shocked and ran to him. He wouldn’t respond, then he just completely shut down. I begged him to acknowledge me but he refused as I frantically pat dried the drops of wine that left stain marks on the white. I took him out on the balcony to cool him down and let the wind dry the dampness that I had caused. Finally, an hour later, I approached him again and this time he replied to my touch. I heard his beautiful tone that sent a shiver through my body. However, suddenly it was like he was speaking a whole new language to me. Like I want “J” but he replied “K”. Everything seemed so messed up. I let him be for the night and decided to deal with him the next morning.

The next morning I woke up early with a plan. I took him out and walked until we reached the centre. I knew I could get him help here, it was really the last resort. The centre was full of many people in the same situation. I couldn’t help comparing him to others around. Finally, I made it up to the second floor and spoke with Constancia, an expert in these situations. She recommended taking him for evaluation and seeing what they could do for him. Was it really that serious, I thought? I left him there, as he continued to sputter out some strange language code I had never heard before. I don’t know who had the greatest shock, him or me. I waited for the entire week-end and finally on Monday I heard from them. They gave me an estimate of his treatment and told me they thought they could have him fully recovered by Tuesday. I agreed and even was able to visit him for a short time. He still looked messed up but they assured me he would be like new within 24 hours.

This morning I woke up from a  telephone call from Constancia, the same woman who took on our case. She told me he was completely recovered and I could come and pick him up. I was shocked at the speed. I went back to the centre, so excited to see him. Typical in Argentina, Constancia asked me to pay for the treatment before I could take him home. I went downstairs, paid the bill in full, and when I returned to the 2nd floor, there he was, beside Constancia, looking better than ever. After almost five nights of being apart, I wanted to turn him on right there in the centre, and I sure did. He was incredible, fully responsive to my touch and fully functional in all ways of speaking if you get my drift I took him back on foot so we could enjoy the windy morning along our usual street, Arenales, unable to wait to get him home and turn him on again.

Mac, I love you! I am going to be so careful from now on. Please never scare me like that again!

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