A Friend Indeed

Have I given up on Xanga blog life? Who actually reads this now? Anybody? I started my blog out for myself and I think I must be the only one that has any interest in reading it. A blog is like a public diary but in the end we are always writing our blog for ourselves. Individualism, self-expression, memories… it all comes down to getting down ideas and happenings in a written form that will show us that we are indeed living. I guess my life was much more exciting when I was travelling around the world on a ship with loads of photos and stories. I am an uncle now… my nephew Luciano, although my sister prefers to call him Aiden, was recently born and seems to be a big arrival in the Hyma family. I hope that he can see the world and do things that I haven’t been able to do until now. Well if he lives an average life in some rural place in Canada without an idea of what is happening outside it is okay too… Don’t worry Luchie, a cada p奫aro le gusta su nido.

 Now I am just immersed in my masters living a pretty average life in Buenos Aires. I don’t know what else to write about other than papers and daily life. However today I want to write about one of the most important things I have found in Buenos Aires since I arrived. When you end up all over the place, friends become the most prized possession you value. Here in Buenos Aires, I am so lucky to have found the one and only, Rashi. Do you ever feel like you are in an environment where you can’t seem to show who you are or you don’t have the opportunity to really reach your potential? Sounds awfully cheesy but it happens at times and if you can find someone to understand you and appreciate you as you are, you must consider yourself lucky to have avoided a complete oblivion of self-depreciation. Rashi is my saviour of Buenos Aires. Yes, I have had a few saviours in certain prior situations… (Hello Kana on Peaceboat, Yuki in Amami, Georgie in Kagoshima…) and I know how lucky I am to have met this remarkable woman here. My closest friend and my number one confidante, there are few pleasures I look forward to as much as meeting Rashi for a glass of wine and a chat about any topic that comes up. In many ways we both seemed to have certain expectations of how our lives would pan out in Buenos Aires but however it develops, we know we have each other to put things in perspective and I am absolutely certain that in the end, we will be remembering these days together with absolute fondness when we move on to the next stages in life. When I am with Rashi, I am able to brush of identity issues of nationality and regional views and move right into the things that really matter. A Dutch Indian born in Oman with an affinity for Latin America, she knows far more about globalisation than any text can provide. With Rashi I can simply leave the unsaid to remain unsaid and she will without a doubt already know what I meant. Surrounded by others that try to create a uniformity of a type that seems appropriate for the situation, I always know I can count on Rashi to truly know what’s going on in my head. How lucky I am to end up in Argentina with a comrade like her!

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