Paper Madness

Well I have been absent for a while due to this hectic time at school. Courses have finished and I thought I’d have a nice two weeks of holiday to relax and travel somewhere…. HOWEVER, I didn’t know that these two weeks are for doing final papers for the trimester. So I am stuck basically doing nothing because I am seriously procrastinating my topics but too stressed to do anything fun. I feel like I am going insane but on the other end of things, I am definitely not letting it get to me like my undergrad.

I did go to Uruguay the other week to renew my visa in this never-ending immigration process. What a nice Sunday to stroll around the cobblestone streets of Colonia, Uruguay. Yoonho and I enjoyed a laid back waterside lunch and heard silence for the first time in ages. It only takes three hours to get to Colonia by ferry from Buenos Aires. Uruguay is a small country with an interesting history in the southern cone. Decolonisation from Spain began in 1811 through the revolt led by the national hero, Jos?Gervasio Artigas. However, in 1821, the Portuguese annexed Uruguay with Brazil as a province which lasted four years until it became part of the federation of present-day Argentina. It wasn’t until 1828 through the UK’s Treaty of Montevideo that Uruguay actually became an independent state. Like Argentina, Uruguay has a very European feeling, as if you were there many decades ago. It is definitely more expensive than Argentina but is far more laid back, at least in this village.

We also spent a day in the infamous Porte隳 neighbourhood of La Boca the other day. One of the rougher areas of town is actually home to a very touristy section that lets vistors feel the strong Italian roots of the city in the immigrant quarters. Famous for it’s colours, it feels like you’ve arrived in a rainbow animation neighbourhood with bizarre people and tango music everywhere. We had a nice lunch outside and watched a mysterious Japanese girl dance tango… one of those surreal days.

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