No way!
Kana in Buenos Aires?

Well my spontaneous adopted daughter with a phone call was on her way to Buenos Aires! After 30 hours flying, I was almost in disbelief to see her in Ezeiza Airport of Buenos Aires. Since Kana just found a job teaching Japanese in India, she has a few weeks of freedom before the post university graduation working life begins.

It was wonderful to have her here. My first visitor in Argentina, it took me a day to go back to speaking Japanese. Wow… less than a month and already the language seems foreign to me. Were the last four years in Japan really my life?

  We spent most of our days eating the late dinners of Argentines…  actually our time in Buenos Aires wasn’t that much different from our time in Tamagawa, Tokyo! Our first venture out was to the Recoleta C  emetary outside of my flat. We went to pay a visit to Evita Peron in the famous resting place of the posh Argentines. However, when Evita was laid to rest here, most residents of the area protested the she wasn’t in the right class to spend eternity in this part of town… wow, if Evita can’t lay there, who can? On Friday we visited the Japanese/Argentina (nikkei) association and OCHABERIMASHITA’ed… It’s like a club to speak Japanese for an hour and a half. I have been convinced to continue going so I don’t learn the language that I spend four years acquiring… Seriously though, will I ever escape Japan?

Saturday was a little wild, after a bbq dinner, proteined out and ready for some movement, we went to Amerika, a huge dance club in Palermo. It was insane and I must say, Kana was a popular exotic girl…

Is this my baby???

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Here I am… well over a year awaiting my arrival, I am in the city of Evita, Tango, BBQ beef and so much more.

Buenos Aires is incredible. There is definitely a sense of a fallen economy, the Argentines continue to live a life of good food, high end entertainment and endless diversion.

I have an apartment for a month in Recoleta, a beautiful French influence architecture area of the city. Everything moves here at every hour. It’s very common to go for dinner at 1:00am and that’s really just the beginning. There is everything one could ever hope for here and I am constantly in awe of the lifestyle. What have I been doing all those years back? This city was definitely made for me… And among my fellow students I have been lucky to find Roberta. She is from Brazil and we quickly connected and spend loads of time together discovering Argentine life.

School has been good. I am in three classes now and will start a couple more in May. One in Theories of International Relations is a great review of Realism, Liberalism, Constructivism etc…. and is jogging my mind of literature and authors. After five years being out of the academic world I am definitely being challenged. Another class is Theories for Development and is completely overwhelming me. Luckily I am not alone, most of the others are baffled by the class and I am suddenly trying to put my mind around philosophical theories of sociology from the French school. My biggest challenge… Marcel Mauss… barely a sentence can enter my brain. The prof (of course from France), continues to tell us to relax and to look at it as a film that will eventually reveal itself at the end. I hope it doesn’t end up being one of those films that you watch and have no cl ue what has happened by the end. The other course, development and co-operation in Latin America is a relief of topics I am familiar with and very interested in.

Being on the other side of the world and having left Yoonho, I must admit my constant longing to just call and meet up. I can’t complain terribly as communication technology has allowed us to virtually live together and spend hours upon end webcamming and even eat meals together. Of course it’s not the same but 15 years ago we would be writing letters that would arrive in a month and making occasional phone calls that would cost well over $3.00/minute. Yes people, this is the reality of a long distance relationship!


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