Barcelona, Spain


9 September 2006


Barcelona Ramblas

Barcelona marcelo me sagrada Today was a revelation. Barcelona woke me up and brought the life back to my blood.


I was planning to meet Marcelo at the Colon. When I left the ship, I tried to get a taxi but I couldn get one to stop for me. I started to walk and finally I got a taxi by a round-about. When I got in and told the driver to take me to the Colon, he pointed outside the car and told me I had already arrived. I got out and walked down there. I got quite confused at that point about where to meet Marcelo. I went to the seaside but I couldn find him.


I called twice but the phone didn seem to work. I tried again and finally we connected. I had spent the morning just a few metres away from him but far enough to not be able to see each other. He had spent almost an hour waiting there on a Saturday morning. Forgive me, Marcelo!


picnic with marcelo


Marcelo pedrada

pedrada We headed down the Ramblas and explored Barcelona by foot. Stopping for some coffee on the way, we headed towards the Pedrada and then to Sagrada Familia. I ran into so many people from the boat today. At Sagrada Familia I had such an urge to have a picnic. We bought some chorizo, bread, cheese and wine and spent a gorgeous afternoon under a tree. I could see and hear ship passengers performing Okinawan eisa near-by but everything seemed wonderful being in port in Barcelona. After our picnic I called Maria who had just arrived in Madrid. It was wonderful to talk to her whilst looking at the Sagrada Familia?both of us in the same country for once but no time to meet. How tragic!



Barcelona marcelo and friend We got on a bus when we suddenly bumped into Marcelo flatmate. We decided to all have a drink in a mysterious bar on top of a clothing shop of Marcelo choice. It was great, after six beers we were all best friends and I really didn want to get back on the ship. We rushed down Ramblas in full drama.


After we said good-bye I burst into tears. I felt like Barcelona showed me ormal?life again and the idea of getting back on the journey seemed overwhelming. I called Maria once again and she listened to my panicked ramblings for half-an-hour. When I got back on the boat I was a mess. In addition, the International Students from Israel, Palestine, Bosnia and Serbia were leaving us at this port. As we said our good-byes I could hardly keep it together. Especially to Luna from Bosnia, somebody who has slowly and with initial resistance, became one of my closest friends on the ship.

I got back on and waited for us to cruise away. As we left the port, I thought back to this magical day and realised that it had become my best day on this journey. For one day I had entered my world again with friends, happiness and freedom. It makes me realise that I have a lot to look forward to even after this journey. I won deny that the thought crossed my mind to disembark the ship and stay in Barcelona. In fact, the thought became so strong that I couldn imagine not getting off. However, I will remember the International Students?theme phrase the previous night of he show must go on? So as I leave for Casablanca, Morocco, I am reminded again of life off the boat and the importance of finding true friends that you choose to be with.


at bar with boys


Gracias Marcelo. No puedes imaginar lo que me ense鎙ste en tan poco tiempo. Me despertaste y desde que me fui, me siento m嫳 vivo que antes.



Rome, Italy

6 September 2006


Rome - fountain Today I woke up feeling sick and down. I didn even care much to leave the ship. When we docked in Citavicheccia, I decided to do my own thing. I went back to my cabin and laid down planning to have a nap before heading out. Suddenly I got a phone call saying that a woman was waiting for me from the outside. I immediately thought of Maria getting to Madrid. She seemed to be the only possibility. I was in shock. I began to run to the exit area. I was practically shaking thinking that Maria had saved me. I got to the door and looked around. I couldn see anyone. Then a familiar Japanese girl approached me. She asked for another teacher, Cesar. I had met her before in Kenya and she has been following the boat around. Somehow somebody heard aymond?when she had in fact asked for esar? I was heartbroken!


rome - spanish steps group


Rome bridgeI decided to get out and go to Rome. Then I saw Ayse and Carla heading out by train so I went with them. They were with Adriana, Tetsuya, Bel and Basel were with them and planning to stay in a hostel. I didn plan to stay overnight in Rome but was convinced. That night Adriana, Bel and I went to the most amazing pizzeria. After that we met up with the rest and headed out around the city at night.


 rome steps group 2


7 September


Rome adriana This morning we woke up in our hotel, seven people in a three bed room. Adriana and I decided to spend our morning in Rome out of the tourist circuit. We searched for a salon and found one. We spent most of our day around there, walking around Rome and drinking a lot of coffee. In Rome when you drink coffee at a counter, it is so cheap. But if you sit down at a table, it is about three or four times as much.


We bought lots of wine for the boat and then headed back to the port town of Citavicheccia. We searched high and low for a restaurant to go to but couldn find anything in the town. We ended up at a Seafood restaurant on the beach eating fairly bland food but with the most beautiful setting you can imagine. Sunset on the beach on the coast of western Italy.




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