Cairo and Giza, Egypt

26 August 2006


This morning we left by 5:30 on way to Giza for the pyramids. After three hours we went to see the pyramids and the Sphinx. As you can imagine, they were quite touristy but still they are an amazing sight to see. Trying to imagine how a society constructed them without the technology of today is intriguing. After we went for lunch and then we were dropped off in Cairo. Kuniko, Kyoko, Misako and I went to the bazaar. It was hard-core and chaotic. Egypts heat is dry and intense. Definitely not like Eritrea but it still took a toll. We constantly searched for juice or drinks but there is definitely a lack of restaurants or cafes in the bazaar area.


We got back to Port Said at 7 and I went for dinner with Kana and Kyoko. It was nice to find beer since you cant normally get alcohol in Port Said because of the Muslim regulations.







The Suez Canal


25 August 2006


This morning we woke up on the back deck of the ship cruising through the Suez Canal. It was a magical day, watching both sides of the contrasting landscapes. The west side had many villages and vegetation while the east side was dry and arid desert. We spent the entire day going up the thin canal as Arabic music played on deck and everyone relaxed on a ship-wide day off.


We arrived in Port Said much earlier than anticipated. I was off the ship by 7pm and went to explore with Kyoko. I was rather surprised how developed and modern the Egyptian town was. I later went with Kya for dinner and shopping. I loved the port town and felt really comfortable there. You could feel a mix of traditional Muslim society and modern westernisation.

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