Writing from Singapore now.

Vietnam was fantastic. I had clothes made, ate loads of spring rolls and had a great time with my friend, Ayse.

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Sad news, my laptop was stolen from the ship whilst at port. It has really shocked the boat since it was stolen from my locked classroom. You can really see the society forming on the boat and the suspicion and suspect growing. It’s a very serious thing on the boat and looks this situation may be sending waves of change on how things are done on Peace Boat. I’ve been investigated and am probably the main suspect from the crew side. They won’t admit to it being stolen and have told me that it is impossible. It has been a very hard couple of days dealing with this. I have been really down and was even considering not continuing if the feeling didn’t change. But I will continue on and hope that I can get over this feeling. It’s not even the fact that my laptop was stolen anymore, it’s the way everything has been handled and the feeling that I am seen as the culprit instead of the victim.

Anyway, I am spending a great day in Singapore today with my friend Gary. I’ll be meeting up with his family soon for dinner. I met them through my Japanese family in Kagoshima a couple years ago. In a way it’s nice to break off from the ship and have someone from here to show me around. We’ve been all over. Singapore is such a cool city. I can’t believe I haven’t been here before. It’s modern, super clean and pretty cosmo. I have loaded up on supplies since it will be my last chance until I get to Europe. I leave tonight and then we’ll be heading for Cochin, India. I’ll be organising a home-stay there and will be staying with a family myself.

I will try to get my journal on-line from there if I have time. I just can’t believe how fast the day passes when we are in port!


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