~Predictable Sundays~

Well it’s somewhat true and somewhat not. A few weeks ago I was demonstrating adverbs of frequency to my class through using my Sunday life.

Last night I went to AGEHA… the most fantastic club in Tokyo found in the the warehouse district of Shinkiba. A sureal Disneyland dancing experience, I, along with thousands of other people, joined the Shangri La dance party. With so many different dance clubs inside one, I sat in the sand, danced around and even in a pool, saw a few thousand people crowded on a massive floor, drank tequila… and all until the sun came up over the bay.

This morning stumbling through the Tokyo train system missing my connections from falling asleep twice, I finally made it home.

I definitely slept in late (until 5:30pm), but I didn’t attend my yoga class. I did suffer a horrendous hang-over but didn’t make it to kaiten-zushi. I definitely didn’t take purikura and happily I did not go to Otsuma University. My Sundays really are mostly predictable…




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  1. Sounds like fun Raymond!! Hope you rehydrated well!!

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