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Tokyo tourism…

Last week-end Jen came to Tokyo providing me with the most wonderful escape from the mudane life that I lead after only one month back in land of the rising sun. Lucky for me, she brought all the Korean goodies that I had been craving for a month and finally I’ve been able to give my tastebuds a spice factor once again. Although it was raining most of the time, it was so great to hit Tokyo hard in the way you only do when you have somebody visiting. Get aboard the train for a tour of Tokyo…


We started off our adventure in Roppongi where we spent the first night walking back and forth from the crossing where you can find both the best and worst of foreigner Tokyo. Jen fit into both worlds and by 4am she was picking at the bouquets outside of the shops along with the other kabakura girls after a night of hard work making Tokyo men feel loved and adored for 50000yen or so. By 5am we were feeling and looking pretty rough so luckily before we took our train back to mine, we decided to hit Roppongi Hills for some pics with the skyline and Tokyo Tower. The mysterious flowers seemed to appear in many of those pics.








After a good rest at mine, Jen and I hit the streets in Omotesando, Tokyo’s own Champs-匜ys嶪s..  We met Kana and did the Omotesando walk down this lovely caf?inspired street until we got to our destination, the famous Brazilian churrasco restaurant, Barbacoa.  





Let’s go to Shinjuku

After a non-stop Brazilian BBQ and unlimited drinking dinner, we hit my personal favourite area in Tokyo, Shinjuku. After a walk through Kabuki-cho, we hit ni-chome for a boogie at Arty Farty. By 5am we lost most of the calories from our Brazilian gorge. Our morning stroll through Kabukicho once again revealed a different side as the only forms of life at 6am were Kabuki boy hosts and black crows, both in search of something as the sun rose behind the Shinjuku sky line.




           Off to Shibuya


From the busiest Starbucks in the world, Jen could watch the busiest intersection in the world and even get her coffee in seconds despite being queued behind thirty other people. Jen seemed to develop a fondess for Shibuya during her trip. We grabbed onto each other and darted into the thousands of people in their daily routine. Jen was able to see some interesting fashions in Shibuya. Unlike myself, Jen didn’t really like the style of the cute tanned ganguros perched all over the streets.







Click the arrow to watch Jen’s experience in Shibuya with Raymond!










We had a great surprise to find out that AJ was in town on Jen’s last night. So we decided to meet AJ at my favourite restaurant, the Elephant Caf?STRONG> in Harajuku. Of course we had to take a stroll down Harajuku’s Takeshita Dori to see what the most recent Harajuku girls were wearing. Thanks to Gwen Stefani, Harajuku girls are now the international exporter of Japanese creative punk and excentric fashion.

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  1. Ii na ~~ ! Congrats on crossing the street safely!

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