Hwang-sa moves in on Seoul…

Around this time of year a huge cloud of yellow dust moves in on Korea. This yellow dust is known as hwang-sa and is coming from the desertification in China. It’s supposed to have some nasty chemicals and components to it and you should stay in the house or at least cover yourself well before taking on the outside world. I must admit, yesterday my eyes and throat were irritated and the view from outside the apartment was not inviting.

I’ve read a bit about the hwang-sa and nothing seems overly scientific. Some blame the industrialist Chinese, others blame the Chinese farmers for over-farming and even some believe the Chinese government is sending over a secret weapon. Oh the poor Chinese… I haven’t seen the best environmental practices anywhere but I guess the Chinese have enough of a population to take the blame~~~

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  1. Anonymous

    Yeah, I’ve heard of that. It’s really discusting. Something like that is happening in Toronto. Not at all as bad of course. They call it a “smog” warning. It makes people feel ill if they’re not used to it. I want to move to a big city, but the pollution scares me…

  2. Anonymous

    yeah. that is pretty disturbing to hear. anyway, i saw you on the front page. just wanted to leave a comment. plus you have the same name as my boyfriend 🙂 lol. well, come by and leave a comment if you would like. much love.

  3. it is unfair Mr. Raymond you are the only white man I know who actually gets BETTER looking with age! damn these genes!

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