Thank you, little octopus~~~

Octopus slaughter…. For my animal activist friends, vegetarians and anybody that really has a heart, I apologise for this entry. However, as a cultural knowledge sharing piece, I wanted to share with you my Korean dinner last night. Nac-jee is live octopus and is very popular in Korea. I think it has to be the freshest food I’ve ever eaten!




1. Raymond’s first attempt at the Nac-jee Attack




2. The difficult task of removing the legs of the poor Nac-jee



3. The death of the Nac-jee. Time to eat the hunt. However, the nerves in the legs continue moving in your mouth. The suction cups on the legs create a very bizarre sensation in your mouth! 

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  1. my GAWD Raymond…..that is….and yes I’m going to be culturally insensitive here….DISGUSTING!!  You are one brave gay man.  I would have been screaming like a little girl…

  2. Oh Matti… I love your sensitivity but I can’t deny, nac-jee is soooooo delicious! I’ve been told that somehow the nervous system is removed so the poor guy can’t feel it… but wouldn’t you think that if the nervous system is removed, it wouldn’t move anymore? Hmmm, I think that the movement of it was more than just some twitching nerves…another one of those mysterious Asian explanations to convince the white guy to eat and enjoy the local delicacy… ok, now I am feeling guilty…   But seriously, once you do nac-jee, it’s hard to go back to plain ol’ tako sashimi. I’m glad you didn’t see me eat the live dog! Just kidding……….. it was already dead    guilt pains~~~~

  3. NO MAMEEEESSSS!!!Primero… GUACALA! Ja! Pues por mucha experiencia cultura NUNCA podr燰 comer un ser vivo… muerto, pues ya sabes, vacas, toros, gallinas, pollos, conejos, lo que quieras… pero VIVOS???? Qu?pensabas?????
    Ok! Debo confesar que con mucho trabajo y asco quiz?lo intentar燰.
    Te extra隳. Besitos a los koreanos.

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