Kimchi: No Laughing Matter in Korea~

Japan Korea Kimchi Dispute

The Issue

This case is about the dispute over Korean traditional side dish, kimchi, between South Korea and Japan. Kimchi is garlicky, peppery, pungent pickled cabbage, and it may safely be said that kimchi represents Korea. However, this Korea’s national dish is in danger because of Japanese copycat kimchi. Although Japan has imported huge amouns of kimchi from South Korea for the last several years, at the same time, Japanese food companies have begun to make Japanese-style kimchi as kimchi has been getting popularity in Japan. Furthermore, Japan is expanding its share of the world kimchi market: today, the amount of Japanese kimchi export excesses that of Korean kimchi export. As a result, South Korea asked the World Health Organization and the Food and Agriculture Organization’s Codex Alimentarius commission to establish an international standard of “kimchi” while Japan claimed that Korea has no monopoly on kimch. The Codex standard for kimchi is still under the condition of draft, the Codex committee will adopt the Korean recipe as the international standard for kimchi in July 2001.

Kimchi Dispute Continues to Ferment Between China and Korea

By Yang Yun

The Epoch Times

KOREA- The friction in trade relations between China and South Korea over kimchi has escalated. Following the Seoul government recent freeze on kimchi from China, the Chinese government retaliated by banning the import of Korean kimchi.

“Kimchi means everything to South Koreans” (Asia Times)

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