Well my main reason to be here has been fulfilled and I am now ready to go to Korea tomorrow.

Yesterday I went to the Peace Boat interview at the Shinjuku Takanodababa office. What a day. In the morning I walked by the office and missed it but all was safe after a phonecall. Eight candidates were brought together and the process was first explained. Then we broke out into demonstration classes. Mine went terribly. Although there was supposed to be six students, only four were there. Two obaasans and a middle aged woman and a junior highschool student composed my demo class on haggling/bargaining. I broke out into the Pardon Game which is a telephone game variety. It was a dismal failure. The students couldn’t catch on. I was so shocked because even with my most challenging students I’ve never had such a situation come up. I walked out of it feeling terrible and completely sure that I had no chance. 

In the afternoon I returned to the office for the interview component. The interview was fine. Very fast-paced, four interviewers faced me in a round off of so many questions packed into 15 minutes. I thought the questions were good, though. Well selected and allowed me not to give fake rehearsed replies, I didn’t have really any major difficulty. Two questions in Japanese and the rest in English about my character hopefully let them see a part of me that didn’t show up at all in the demo. So after a bad demo lesson but a smooth interview I still left with a really negative feeling.

I went to Harajuku and with my star student, Kanachan, I surprised eight of my students from Otsuma University. It was so great. We went to my favourite, the

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  1. OMG!  I didn’t realise you were back in the land of mochi and obedient pedestrians!  I’m glad to hear you survived the interview part of the Peace Boat.  Please please please have some okonomiyaki for me, and give Japan a big hug from Matto.  Talk to you soon!!  🙂

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