What am I doing back here?!?!


Suddenly thrown back into Tokyo but actually feels as if I have never left. I guess I haven’t been away long enough to feel like I am coming back to somewhere I used to live. I feel like the last few months in Canada were more like a visit and that I have come back home. My relationship with Japan is not a strong passionate one. I must admit I feel like it is home but not where I’d want to spend my life. Getting up to almost four years I guess gives reason to the comfortable feeling here.

Already I have had my public bath in the ryokan I’m staying at. It was so hot! I sat outside in the bath enjoying it. I was almost too tired to scrub Japanese style though. Then I sat in my yukata drinking some tea listening to the familiar sounds out my window. I am staying in the south of Tokyo which is pretty countryside. Nice to start here and get rested before Shinjuku knows what hit it!

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