Oh Ces嫫ia!

Well last night I finally got to see the barefoot diva live and was mesmerised by her voice and power. She is a queen and a goddess. It was so beautiful to listen to songs from her new album, Rogamar. I especially loved Africa Nossa. What a gorgeous song. Ces嫫ia doesn’t dance much like in this photo. She doesn’t engage the audience in a very personal manner. However, she does work her magic simply with her voice and her presence. It is like nobody else exists when she is on stage. There was no official intermission during the programme. Nonetheless, dona Ces嫫ia took her own break in the middle. Lighting a cigarette in one of the most anti-smoking cities in the world and breaking the long standing municipal law, she sat down and smoked her cigarette a gusto whilst the band played an instrumental song. It was classic.

I am suddenly fascinated with her hometown of Cabo Verde. Since I got back I have been reading non-stop about the western islands of Africa. Did you know that the expat community of the Cape Verdean islands is larger than the actual current population? A huge source of income for the islands comes in the form of funds sent back by the expats. Some of the development and poverty reduction strategies in Cabo Verde are very interesting. I find this small archipelago country so interesting. Suddenly I am having bursts of thesis ideas! I have been leaning towards ideas in Latin America focusing on Brazil’s income inequality but Africa is definitely an area I need to further develop my knowledge in.

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