Defining Canadian Culture— good luck!

OMG… so I don’t usually read the local newspaper here. However, they asked me to do an interview with them about the scholarship so my curiosity pushed me to get a copy and see what this paper was all about. I came across this article:

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Wow, can these attitudes truly still exist in Canada? I tried to imagine myself as a new Canadian reading this article. I was compelled to write a response to defend my culture which has nothing to do with what this person seems to believe is the general Canadian culture:

In response to Youe free to leave if you don want to comply, March 21, 2006


Youe free to stay to complete the mosaic


To the Editor,


In a brief glance at the headline Youe free to leave if you don want to comply, I had to shake my head and begin to remind myself that there still exist notions that rue Canadians?are Caucasian, Christian and English speaking individuals. As a 27 year-old individual born and raised in a predominately Caucasian, Christian and English speaking community, I would like to remind R. Delvak that this specific vision of anadian culture?is a relatively pocketed community found within a larger framework.


If we are going to discuss the historical oundation?of this land then I would suggest going much further than a few hundred years and begin looking at the Aboriginal cultures that iscovered?Canada far before any European cultures. Nevertheless, the cultural foundation of this country is not a topic I am writing to debate. The cultural reality, however, is.


The basis of a multi-cultural society in Canada is often demonstrated through the concept of a mosaic. In contrast to the melting pot of the United States, the cornerstone of Canada multi-cultural tolerance is the respect and understanding that without one part of the mosaic, it cannot be complete. I have lived across the country and around the world often being seen as an immigrant myself. Meeting Canadians of all religions, ethnic backgrounds and beliefs in Canada and abroad has reaffirmed to me that the notion of a specific Canadian identity is not as simple as saying Caucasian, Christian and English speaking. I have learnt as much about Canada from Asian, Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, French and Cantonese speaking Canadian friends and colleagues as I have from Caucasian, Christian and English speaking Canadian ones.


In my Canadian community and the Canada that I experience from day to day, adapting to sub-cultures and immigrants is just as important for those born here as those that have just arrived. When using terms such as ur culture?and ur country? I would recommend that you first ask who exactly you are including in your particular community. I imagine that you will find much less than a majority who share this so-called vision of anadian culture? Since R. Delvak reminded us about a Canadian freedom giving us the right to leave, I would also like to note what I think is the one great freedom of this country from the Multiculturalism Act: the diversity of Canadians as regards race, national or ethnic origin, colour and religion as a fundamental characteristic of Canadian society and is committed to multiculturalism designed to preserve and enhance the multicultural heritage of Canadians.

Will my Liberal crusade get published in this Conservative pocket??? to be continued…. 

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One thought on “Defining Canadian Culture— good luck!

  1. ay yo-i!  sounds like this redneck belongs in the states!  i’d be curious to find out where this scrubhead immigrated from?  prolly somewhere Catholic/Christian?

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