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Ode to Ces嫫ia

I have been putting off writing a blog for years. I guess I just enjoyed my traditional journal. The pages have been filled with so many adventures but I realised that they are of little use sitting in boxes now as if those lives I experienced have died. A living journal is one that never sits in a box and is accessible for anyone who wishes a visit.

I was debating to start off with a bio-history or just get right into it. I think I am going to go with the latter because it’s a little more mysterious and personal at the same time.


I am in shock. Ces嫫ia 屴ora is coming to town on Sunday. Ces嫫ia is my hero, my idol and everything that is beautiful to me. http://www.caboverde.com/evora/evora.htm .

  I have listened to Ces嫫ia in the streets of  Ecuador, on my tatami mat in Japan, on the beaches in Thailand, along the Mekong in Laos and in houses throughout Mexico. She has been my companion since I lived in Ottawa with my beloved best friend, Mar燰. Now she is coming here at the perfect time before I leave for a summer in Asia. She is the perfect person to send me off. I can’t wait.

Da terra de Cabo Verde, Ces嫫ia 屴ora ?a minha inspira誽o e tudo o que sinto em meu cora誽o.


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